Flat stage cables

For scenic lighting in theatres LSS provides preconfigured flat cables in textile-fibre sleeves. These flame resistant textile sleeves provide an optimum protection against mechanical damage. The maximum flexibility of the cables is always ensured. A special processing prevents the cables from moving inside these sleeves. This results in keeping them forced to stay inside the cable baskets. The cable baskets can be made of steel or aluminium for weight reduction.

Flat stage cables by LSS are characterized by extraordinary detailed work. Attracting features include strain relief cable clamps with leather cuffs and well-finished edge protection through multilayer hems. With 390g/m² the sleeves are very light in weight.

Each LSS flat stage cable is a customized project-based production. They can be made in black or white colour. While retaining existing electric and/or mobile devices it is possible to retrofit these cables into existing installations.

Data sheet

LSS Junction boxes

LSS junction boxes are made individually customized and project-specific and are designed for wall, ceiling and truss mounting. To ensure robustness, the junction boxes are made of 1.25 mm sheet steel and are powder coated in a colour according to the customer. The powder coating has excellent properties of the surface terms: Chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion protection and optical demands. The lids of the junction boxes are provided with a resilient seal. So the LSS junction boxes confirmed the requirements of IP 44 up to IP 54 (depends on the built-in devices and connectors).

Data sheet

Stage floor flap

LSS Stage floor flaps are developed to connect devices to power and data lines in junction boxes below scenic areas. The stage floor flap is made of 8mm steel plate and has a 35mm wide, peripheral edge, which is flush with the stage floor. Cables are connected via cable outlets with lockable and flush closing covers. The surface of the flap is black powdered and has a coarse structure. Optionally, the surface can be covered with a slip-resistant foil. The stage floor flap has a locking against opening by punctual load and can be loaded with a wheel load of up to 5kN.

Data sheet

Multifunctional Duct 250 x 140

The LSS Multifunctional Duct 250 x 140 creates completely new ways in the construction of ducts with its exceptional design. Inside the duct two DIN rails offers plenty of space to install circuit breakers, boards and terminals and so on. The cover opens downwards and can be removed in a specific angle. On the cover there are two levels to mount devices, connectors or flaps. They can be placed according to your needs.

Data sheet

Dimmer Duct 250 x 140

The modular design of the LSS Dimmer Duct 250 x 140 allows a dimming system within a duct system. The inside of the duct is prepared for circuit boards, which can be fixed by slots and/or screw fastenings. The duct is used as a heat sink for the dimmer modules, which surface is magnified by the large cooling fins at the bottom. The cover opens downwards and can be removed in a specific angle. On the cover are two sections, one for devices and another for connectors. They can be placed according to the needs.

Data sheet

DMX/RDM 16-channel relay PCB

The LSS DMX / RDM 16-Channel Relay PCB is a switch assembly with mono-stable relays. Up to 16 independent loads can be switched at the same time. The relay board is controlled via DMX and supports RDM (according to ANSI E1.20 2010 + E1.37). The three-pole DMX-In connector is isolated and connected directly to a DMX THRU connector. This allows a simple linking of several devices. To terminate the DMX signal, the switch module has a manually switchable DMX terminator.

Data sheet

★ You can operate this product with the LSS Power Supply Unit.


fourfold analog output 0-10V for DMX512

After setting the DMX-start adress the module recieves 4 consecutive DMX-channels and converts the values into four single 10V-analog output signals. Holding the last values, in case of an DMX failure, can be set with jumpers.

• DMX512 input opto-insulated
• DMX-protocol detection by signal analysis
• Setting the switching behavior on loss of DMX signal (“hold” or “off”)
• DMX control and fine tune for each output separately
• Linear regulators, no separate EMC protection necessary
• Ready for 35mm DIN rail TS

Data sheet

UGL – Umgangsleuchte

LED working light for catwalks and battens

The LSS UGL Umgangsleuchte is designed for lighting work paths on galleries and corridors. With its compact design and energy-saving, maintenance-free white and blue light LEDs it is particularly suitable for the theater and studio operation.

Data sheet

KBL Artlight

The Artlight is our small battery-powered LED blue-/white light lamp.

• mobile use with magnetic mounting or mounting on a nail, etc. …
• no lamp replacement required
• security against theft by Kensington Notebook Lock (not included)
• robust sheet steel housing
• lamp life approximately 10 years
• battery-powered / no mains required
• necessary battery change is indicated by LEDs
• switchable from blue light to white light by toggle switch

Data sheet


The LSS KBL-P is a white and / or blue light luminaire for mounting in U-profiles, which are used in theaters to fix headlights or in other constructions. The LED light can be used as orientation or path lighting on galleries, towers or bridges in the entire stage area. The profile light is supplied in a powder-coated 1.5 mm sheet steel housing.

Data sheet

Small LED blue light KBL

LED blue orientation light for installation on wall or junction boxes

The LSS small LED blue light KBL is a compact LED light. Modern LEDs are energy efficient, low maintenance and with a lifetime of over 100,000 hours. So an LED will be in use for more than 10 years, even in continuous operation.

The KBL is available in two versions. In version 24N the KBL comes with a 24V DC power supply and is using pulse-width modulation for dimming directly on the device. To realize a control by using DMX signals, the KBL 24N can be equipped with the optional LSS 4-channel-KBLdimmer (No. 5058). In the second version 230N the KBL comes with an 110V to 250V AC power supply and it’s not dimmable. Both versions are housed in a powder coated sheet steel case. Each version can be used as a surface/wall mounting or cavity wall / flush box mounting.

Data sheet


The LSS LED channel is a work light / blue light in a compact, self-supporting duct design. Also, it can be used as a carrier for switches, connectors, etc. The LED-Kanal has been developed for use in work galleries, in towers, portal bridges, and for all other places where energy and space-saving lighting is required. The power supply of the LSS LED-Kanal can either be via a 230 V AC mains connection and internal switching power supply, via a 24 V or 48 V DC fixed connection, or via PowerDMX.

Data sheet


The LSS LED-Racklight is developed especially for operating in theatres to illuminate racksystems. The LED-Racklight is available in three designs. Each design is equipped with white and blue light LEDs and can be controlled either by an on-device three-point-switch or by light console via DMX. The DMX control has the following advantages:

Data sheet

Discovery Light

The Discovery Light is an alternative control panel for the Discovery System. It can be used for:

• Control panel in case of damage for the primary control panel
• Secondary control panel
• Primary control panel for studios with limited space
• Live-View screen

The Discovery Light is based like the Discovery Control Panel on an industrial PC. All connectors and the pin assignments are the same as at the Discovery Light Control Panel. Unlike the the primary control panel Discovery Light has its own housing. Following requirements are in the focus in the development of the housing:

• Low depth
• Small dimensions
• Low weight
• Compatible with 19 inch rack (4 units)
• Safety Panel for safety-related controls in 19 inch rack design (2 units)
• High-resolution touchscreen
• Trackball and keypad

Through the requirements the Discovery Light is easy to carry and has a low installation depth with 100mm. So the Discovery Light can be installed in almost any wall paneling, in trolleys or in a desktop housing.

Data sheet

TelescopeController II

The LSS TelescopeController II is an intelligent all-in-one telescope control for the DiscoverySystem. It includes an intelligent PROFIBUS-DP-slave and optionally a rail compatible, performance and frequency-optimized interface. Main application of the LSS TelescopeController II is the control of telescopes, lift lines and motorized pantographs plus their sub-devices such as motorized yokes and barn doors, color changers, moving lights and shuttledimmers. The LSS TelescopeController II is an user-friendly plug-in device for the telescope control box. All signal LEDs and controls are easily accessible from outside. With an optional graphic display states can be represented.

The LSS TelescopeController II performs the following and much more tasks automatically:
• Control the frequency converter
• Control of lifting and moving contactors
• Target-actual comparison of the telescope axes
• Generation of DMX-signals for the light and sub-devices and holding this in case of bus-failure

Data sheet

4-channel KBL dimmer

Analog 4 channel dimmer for 24V LED lights
with DMX / RDM control, power and heat monitoring

The LSS 4-channel KBL dimmer is a 4-channel analog dimmer for the control and supply of LED lights with 24V DC supply voltage. The analog dimmer provides a nominal output current of up to 0.75A. For example, up to 37 standard KBL luminaires can be supplied and controlled with 0.02A. The special feature is that the lights can be distributed as desired to one, two, three or all four channels.

The analog dim method of the LSS 4-channel KBL dimmer allows the use of unshielded and long cables (note voltage drop depending on the cable cross-section used!). It does not cause any interference from media (video, sound, etc.) or EMC incompatibilities. The simultaneous installation of lighting cables with other media cables is possible.

Data sheet

★ You can operate this product with the LSS Power Supply Unit.

PowerBox 125A

The LSS PowerBox 125A is a mobile power distribution, which was developed specifically for the needs of theaters and event technology. The power distributor is supplied as a 19 “rack system module with 6U of powdered aluminum sheet and can be rack-mounted for stationary use or fitted in a flight case as a mobile device.

The LSS PowerBox 125A distributes 400V / 125A to four CEE connectors, each with a maximum output of 400W / 32A. Each outgoing phase is protected by a dedicated circuit breaker and each output is protected by a residual current circuit breaker. For service purposes, there are three 230V / 16A Schuko connectors, which are protected by a residual-current circuit breaker with overcurrent protection. The connectors can be adapted individually depending on the application.

Data sheet

Special Light Controller

The LSS Special Light Controller is a control panel for special lighting systems in situations of emergency or restoring order. The special design of the LSS Special Light Controller with raised push-button, red ring lighting and the clearly legible and uniform illuminated inscription ensures that the special lighting system can be switched on quickly. The protective cover, which can be locked without tools and fitted with a viewing window, prevents unintentional actuation of the special lighting switch.

Data sheet

DMX-Bus driver and Merger

• two opto-insulated DMX512 inputs
• opto-insulated reinforced output DMX512
• DMX-receiving, merging and output by microcontroller
• DMX-protocol detection by signal analysis
• Dmx-output behavior adjustable via BCD switch is the same as in our Merger 6in2.
• EMC protection circuit on all inputs and outputs
• operating voltage 24V DC
• Ready for 35mm DIN rail TS mounting

Data sheet


Operas / Theaters / Musicals
Altenburg – Landestheater
Amberg – Stadttheater
Antwerpen – Vlaamse Opera
Bad Elster – König Albert Theater
Bautzen – Deutsch-Sorbisches Volkstheater
Berlin – Berliner Ensemble
Berlin – Berliner Philharmonie
Berlin – Berliner Prater
Berlin – Beuth Hochschule, Beuth-Saal
Berlin – carrousel Theater
Berlin – Deutsche Staatsoper
Berlin – Deutsches Theater
Berlin – Friedrichstadtpalast (Verkabelung Obermaschinerie)
Berlin – Kabarett-Theater Distel
Berlin – Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz
Berlin – Schiller Theater
Berlin – Theater an der Parkaue
Berlin – Volksbühne
Bernburg – Carl-Maria von Weber-Theater
Bielefeld – Stadttheater
Bocholt – Stadttheater
Bochum – Schauspielhaus
Bremen – Bremer Theater
Bremen – Neues Schauspiel
Coesfeld – Konzert Theater
Cottbus – Studiobühne Staatstheater
Darmstadt – Staatstheater (Verkabelung komplette Maschinerie)
Duisburg – Gebläsehalle Duisburg-Meiderich, Basilika
Duisburg – Theater der Stadt Duisburg
Düsseldorf – Tonhalle
Düsseldorf – Schauspielhaus (Kleines Haus)
Erfurt – Neubau Theater
Frankfurt/Main – Alte Oper (Verkabelung Hubwand)
Frankfurt/Main – English Theatre
Frankfurt/Main – Schauspielhaus
Fürth – Stadttheater
Füssen – König Ludwig Musical Theater Neuschwanstein
Gauting – Don-Bosco-Heim
Gera – Großes Haus
Gera – Neubau Studiobühne
Glauchau – Stadttheater
Göttingen – Deutsches Theater
Graz – Opernhaus
Gütersloh – Theater Gütersloh
Hamburg – Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Malersaal
Hamburg – Hamburgische Staatsoper – Neubau Betriebsgebäude
Hamburg – Thalia Theater
Hamburg – Theater Neue Flora
Hannover – Ballhoftheater
Hildesheim – Stadttheater (Verkabelung Portalbrücke)
Karlsruhe – Badisches Staatstheater (Verkabelung Untermaschinerie)
Kassel – Staatstheater
Laupheim – Spielstätte Schloss Groß-Laupheim
Leipzig – Theater „Neue Szene“
Leipzig – Oper
Leipzig – Schauspiel Leipzig
Luckenwalde – Stadttheater
Ludwigshafen – BASF Feierabendhaus
Ludwigshafen – Theater im Pfalzbau
Luxembourg – Grand Theatre
Meiningen – Südthüringisches Staatstheater
Mondorf – Casino 2000
München – Cuvillies Theater
München – Münchner Marionettentheater
Münster – Städtische Bühnen
Oldenburg – Staatstheater
Paderborn – Neubau Kammerspiele
Plauen – Vogtlandtheater
Potsdam – Neubau Hans-Otto-Theater
Potsdam – Schlosstheater Neues Palais, Sanssoucii
Regensburg – Stadttheater
Stralsund – Theater Vorpommern
Weimar – Deutsches Nationaltheater, 2. BA und 3. BA
Weimar – Studiotheater Belvedere
Wuppertal – Opernhaus
Zeitz – Theater im Capitol

Mainz – ZDF
Bremen – Radio Bremen
Berlin – Deutsche Welle
Berlin – RBB
Erfurt – KIKA
Hamburg – NDR
Leipzig – MDR
Madagaskar – TV-Madagaskar Studios
Bukarest – Pro TV

Guildhall, Culture- and Congress centers, Schools, Churches, Companies, Museums
Altenburg – Kreiskrankenhaus
Altenburg – Music Hall
Altenburg – Sportmehrzweckhalle „Goldener Pflug“
Bad Elster – Kurhaus
Berlin – Akademie der Künste, Plenarsaal
Berlin – Haus der Kulturen der Welt
Berlin – Jüdisches Museum, Sukkah
Berlin – Kinder- und Jugendfreizeitzentrum FEZ Wuhlheide
Berlin – Presse- und Informationsamt der Bundesregierung
Berlin – Ullsteinhalle, Axel-Springer-Verlag
Bochum – Jahrhunderthalle
Darmstadt – Wissenschafts- und Kongresszentrum
Detmold – Hochschule für Musik
Dresden – Neue Terrassen
Eilenburg – Bürgerhaus
Frankfurt/Main – Volkshaus Enkheim
Frankfurt/Oder – Kleist Kultur- und Kongresszentrum
Gifhorn – Stadthalle
Grimmen – Kulturhaus „Treffpunkt Europas“
Großenhain – Kulturhaus Schloss Großenhain
Hamm – Alfred-Fischer-Halle
Hamm – Kulturzentrum
Heidelberg – Alte Pädagogische Hochschule, Mehrzweckhalle
Heidenheim – Congresszentrum Heidenheim
Jena – Volkshaus
Köthen – Schloss Köthen, Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Saal
Landau – Festhalle
Leipzig – Hochschule für Musik und Theater
Leipzig – Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur
Ludwigshafen – Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz
Magdeburg – Musikschule und Kabarett
Marburg – Stadthalle (Erwin-Piscator-Haus)
Mülheim a. d. Ruhr – Sanierung der Stadthalle
Münster – Fürstin-von-Gallitzin-Schule, Aula
Neubrandenburg – Marienkirche
Neustadt – Hambacher Schloss
Pegau – Volkshaus
Potsdam – Nikolaisaal
Rathenow – Kultur- und Tourismuszentrum
Regensburg – Musikakademie Schloss Alteglofsheim
Rheinsberg – Schlossanlage
Rosenheim – Stadthalle
Rostock – Hafenhaus
Rostock – Hochschule für Musik und Theater
Salzwedel – Stadthalle
Schenefeld – Forum Schenefeld
Suhl – Kongresszentrum, Orchestermuschel
Teistungen – Teistungenburg
Tuttlingen – Stadthalle
Usedom – Forum Usedom
Warnemünde – Kleine Komödie
Warstein – Besucherzentrum Warsteiner Brauerei
Weißenfels – Kulturhaus


LSS Flat stage cables

The LSS machine park – The Amada AE 255 NT punch-nibbling machine

LSS Trap Door


We are looking for employees for these posts:

– electrician (m / f / d)

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

DMX-Light Signal Module

Events in the lighting network, status messages of components of the lighting installation or other information can be visually displayed with the LSS Light Signal Module. The Light Signal Module is equipped with four LEDs in the colours blue, green, yellow and red, which are arranged behind an acrylic glass cover. The LEDs illuminate diffusely through the acrylic glass cover, which prevents a scattering of the light and therefore an influence on the adjusted light situation.

Data sheet

Patch Panel

The LSS Patch Panel is a non-populated carrier for up to 24 Keystone modules for 19” rack systems. In the stainless steel module holder, the modules can be locked individually. To protect against dust, the contacts of RJ45 modules are overhead. The module fields are numbered on the blue powder-coated front panel.

Data sheet

Branch Dresden:

Warnemuender Str. 1
01109 Dresden

Tel: +49 351 795 656 98
Mail: mail@lss-lighting.de

Branch Manager: Naheer Jakob
Phone: +49 351 795 656 98
Software development: Jens Gollasch
Phone: +49 351 795 656 91
Software development: Tobias Neumann
Phone: +49 351 795 656 92
Hardware development: Jürgen May
Phone: +49 351 795 656 93
Production: Heike Fischer
Phone: +49 351 795 656 90
Service: Tilo Röder
Phone: +49 351 795 656 97

Headquarters Altenburg:

Sonnenstrasse 5
04600 Altenburg

Tel: +49 3447 83 550 0
Fax: +49 3447 83 550 99
Mail: mail@lss-lighting.de

Managing Director: Markus Kaminski
Phone: +49 3447 83 550 12
Administration: Dagmar Kaminski
Phone: +49 3447 83 550 11
Sales / Calculation: Michael Reisener
Phone: +49 3447 83 550 15
Purchase: Patrick Jaeger
Phone: +49 3447 83 550 38
Purchase: Doreen Meißner
Phone: +49 3447 83 550 24
Accounting: Simone Gehrmann
Phone: +49 3447 83 550 18
Project management / Development: Jens Keiger
Phone: +49 3447 83 550 13
Project management / Development: Thomas Tetzner
Phone: +49 3447 83 550 25
Project management / CAD-Planning: Jörg Rutsch
Phone: +49 3447 83 550 16


Your Partner For The Perfect Light!

The LSS GmbH is a company specializes in industrial lighting, scenic lighting in theatres and lighting for television studios. Since our founding in 1994, we are a leader in this industry and we have already left our handwriting in many projects. Innovative and customized solutions are our trademark and make our lighting systems so special.

It is our goal to get perfect light always and everywhere. To achieve this, LSS combines four departments:

Development Department

In 1879, Thomas Edison developed the first competitive carbon filament lamp, the forerunner of the light bulb, as we know. For lighting concepts new possibilities aroused and a period of research and development began which continues until today. LSS follows Edison’s footsteps; at the Dresden office our development department is located.

To get the perfect light, we always strive to make everything a little bit better. For switching and control, supplying and distributing, and of course for illumination we developing our own product lines. The development team includes software engineers, CAD designers and electronics engineers with extensive experience in networking and light systems.

Production Department

Perfect light requires a proper energy supply and precisely working control devices. To ensure maximum safety of our facilities we are producing most components for lighting systems by ourselves. During development the components our development team responds to the customers desires and needs and implements the experiences of our staff from the on-site construction.

In the CAD / CAM environment of “SolidWorks/Edgecam” the components are designed and produced. Our production lines consist CNC-controlled machines for machining and surface treatments as well as the final assembly in which the components are equipped with our proprietary circuit boards and connectors by leading manufacturers. So we are able to provide a constantly high quality.

Planning Department

A perfect light system configuration right at the planning phase is essential to get the perfect light. There is no system like the other. Structural conditions and the demands placed upon it make every lighting system unique. Our project developers work hand in hand with our customers planning complete switchgear and control gear installations for the illumination of industrial and cultural buildings. Innovative and functional solutions keeping within the budget characterize our project management.
The CAE-software EPLAN Electric P8 is our standard for right project development and engineering. This popular software allows the easy integration of all project-involved persons into a lighting systems development.

Construction Department

Perfect light is not only a question of components and configuration. Perfect light is also a matter of dedicated and technically versed staff. Our well-experienced assembly section has the highest count in personal and is building and setting up the light equipment.

LSS – Talk To Us

The close cooperation and communication with our customers is the base of every successful project. Thatswhy in us you will find a contact for new ideas and solutions.


Data sheet Manual
Datenblatt Handbuch
DMX Booster 1 in 12 / V2 Download
DMX-RDM Booster 1-4 Download
DMX Booster 1-1 Download
DMX Booster 1-1 modulated Download
DMX-Light Signal Module Download
DMX Busdriver-Merger Download
ipMaster Download
MasterGate Download
MasterPort 2 Download Download
MasterPort 2 PSU Download Download
MasterPort RM 19″ Download
MasterPort RM portable Download
Merger 2 in 1 Download
Merger 6 in 2 Download Download
Patch Panel Download
PROFIBUS Repeater Download
Discovery Download
Discovery Mini Download
Discovery Light Download
Studio Konfiguration Download
TelescopeController II Download
DMX/RDM 16-channel relay PCB Download
Dimmer 0-10V Download
4-channel KBL dimmer Download
DMX Schalt-Schuko 2 Download
DMX Schalt-Schuko 2 wireless Download
NonDim Duct Download
PowerDim Download
PowerDim RM Download
PowerDim WM Download
PowerDim 2 3k/5k Download
PowerSwitch 2 12x20A Download
PowerSwitch 2 6x20A 16DI/16DO Download
PowerSwitch A Download
PowerSwitch T Download
PowerBox 125A Download
PowerSwitch RM 12x16A Download
Special Light Controller Download
GBL DIII Download
GBL D4 Download
KBL Artlight Download
KBL-P Download
Small LED blue light KBL Download
LED-Kanal Download
LED Racklight Download
UGL – Umgangsleuchte Download
Stage Manager’s Desk DNP XXL Download
Stage Manager’s Desk DNP portable Download
Stage Manager’s Desk DNPmobile Download
LightControl eco Download
Multifunctional Duct 110/180 Download
Multifunctional Duct 250 x 140 Download
Junction boxes Download
Stage Floor Flap Download
Dimmer Duct 250 x 140 Download
Flat stage cables Download
DIN Rail Power Supply Unit 24V/15W Download


LSS ConfigStudio
Multilingual – German/English
Version: 1.0.1 from May 16, 2023
A newly developed software with a fresh design and improved operating philosophy for effective configuration of network-capable LSS devices.
System Requirements: Windows 10 (21H2) or higher.
Download Installer | Download offline Version

ConfigStudio Support:
Mr. Tobias Neumann
Phone: +49 351 795 656 92
Email: t o b i a s . n e u m a n n [at] l s s – l i g h t i n g . d e


LSS ConfigCore
Multilingual – German / English
(Version 1.7.1136)

Configurations tool for effective use of LSS network devices.
Other Art-Net based devices can be displayed.

Windows 32-Bit:
– Requirements: .NET-Framework 2.0/3.5
Download LSS ConfigCore 32-Bit

Windows 64-Bit:
– Requirements: .NET-Framework 4.0
Download LSS ConfigCore 64-Bit


We are LSS a German based family run high tech manufactory. From our humble beginnings, starting over 25 years ago in a simple garage, our sense for quality, innovation, inspiration and customer service has been our recipe to become one of Germanys leading companies for lighting solutions in the entertainment industry. With our focus set on TV studios, operas and theatres, by now you will barely find any prestigious German stage running without LSS technologies. Our Commitment is to provide excellent quality made in Germany. Flexibility is for us key. If we don’t have the right fit in our wide range of LSS premium products we build it for you.