Discovery Control Panel

The LSS Discovery Control Panel is the primary control center of the whole Discovery-System. With it you can control and move almost all hoist in theatres and all hoists and telescopes horizontally and vertically. Also movable and immovable extensions, color changers, headlight bracket, moving lights, dimmers, barn doors and lenses etc. can be controlled directly from the Discovery Control Panel.

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Discovery Mini

The LSS Discovery Mini is a control panel for the Discovery Studio automation system and combining the Discovery control panel, the large control centre with digital joystick and extended quad-keyboard, with Discovery Light and its slim design. The Discovery Mini can be used to move the position of the upper machinery of television studios horizontally and vertically, and to control parts of the lighting, barn doors, colour changers etc. remotely.

The LSS Discovery Mini is equipped with a 6.5 ” TFT touch monitor. As on the large control panel all devices can be selected on the screen as well controlled and moved with the joystick. The joystick is equipped with a dead man’s switch. Together with the emergency switch located on the console, it’s part of the SIL3 safety concept.

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Discovery Light

The Discovery Light is an alternative control panel for the Discovery System. It can be used for:

• Control panel in case of damage for the primary control panel
• Secondary control panel
• Primary control panel for studios with limited space
• Live-View screen

The Discovery Light is based like the Discovery Control Panel on an industrial PC. All connectors and the pin assignments are the same as at the Discovery Light Control Panel. Unlike the the primary control panel Discovery Light has its own housing. Following requirements are in the focus in the development of the housing:

• Low depth
• Small dimensions
• Low weight
• Compatible with 19 inch rack (4 units)
• Safety Panel for safety-related controls in 19 inch rack design (2 units)
• High-resolution touchscreen
• Trackball and keypad

Through the requirements the Discovery Light is easy to carry and has a low installation depth with 100mm. So the Discovery Light can be installed in almost any wall paneling, in trolleys or in a desktop housing.

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TelescopeController II

The LSS TelescopeController II is an intelligent all-in-one telescope control for the DiscoverySystem. It includes an intelligent PROFIBUS-DP-slave and optionally a rail compatible, performance and frequency-optimized interface. Main application of the LSS TelescopeController II is the control of telescopes, lift lines and motorized pantographs plus their sub-devices such as motorized yokes and barn doors, color changers, moving lights and shuttledimmers. The LSS TelescopeController II is an user-friendly plug-in device for the telescope control box. All signal LEDs and controls are easily accessible from outside. With an optional graphic display states can be represented.

The LSS TelescopeController II performs the following and much more tasks automatically:
• Control the frequency converter
• Control of lifting and moving contactors
• Target-actual comparison of the telescope axes
• Generation of DMX-signals for the light and sub-devices and holding this in case of bus-failure

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