PowerDim WM

The LSS PowerDim WM is a compact dimmer for wall mounting with either 24x3kVA or 12x5kVA circuits. For each circuit an operating modus Dim or a NonDim can be defined and each circuit can be switched via bistable relays. Both operating modes are designed for resistive, inductive and the NonDim additionally for capacitive loads. Each circuit is individually protected with an MCB. Optionally the circuit breakers can be extended by RCD (4x 6 circuits) or replaced by single RCBO.


LightControl eco

The LSS LightControl eco is a control system for small systems for architectural and room illumination. It can directly control light fixtures, lamps and other devices within a DMX universe via DMX or sACN. Cues can be stored in up to ten storages and the fade-in and fade-out times can be set individually. The cues can then be recalled directly from the touch screen or via external push-buttons, can be faded in or out alone or in one another, or they can simply be switched on and off. The programming of the storages of the LSS LightControl eco is simple and user-friendly. The control screen and presets can be customized. Existing cues can be directly read in by light-ing control consoles and storage devices and processed on the devices. All settings are made directly on the device and are intuitively designed.

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The LSS MasterGate is a gateway, converter and server for data in lighting networks in theater, studio and event venues. It’s the connection between Ethernet, DMX and Profibus-DP within a data network. The MasterGate can route, merge or convert data from, in and within these network protocols. It can not only process the usual protocols of a light network, but also those of the Nexus system by Salzbrenner Stagetec®. For comprehensive device configuration and monitoring, the MasterGate supports Remote Device Management (RDM). In addition, the data streams within the light network can be monitored in real time and shown on the display. Verify functions can be activated to monitor individual events.

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PowerSwitch 2 6x20A 16DI/16DO

LSS PowerSwitch 2 6x20A 16DI/16DO is a 6 relay channel actuator with digital interfaces for electrical devices and sensors. Up to 16 devices (24V DC/500mA) can trigger and another 16 sensor signals (24V) can process by all 32 interface channels.

The actuator LSS PowerSwitch 2 6x20A 16DI/16DO has 6 relay channels. Each channel has maximum performance of 4600W/230V AC and can be triggered via DMX or Profibus-DP. An optional current monitoring for each load channel is possible. Sensors at every circuit breaker monitor the current und send feedback signals to the actuator. All these signals can be shown on a control touch panel, e.g. LSS Digital Slave Console, at light control. Circuit breakers by ABB will be approved for current monitoring.

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DMX/RDM 16-channel relay PCB

The LSS DMX / RDM 16-Channel Relay PCB is a switch assembly with mono-stable relays. Up to 16 independent loads can be switched at the same time. The relay board is controlled via DMX and supports RDM (according to ANSI E1.20 2010 + E1.37). The three-pole DMX-In connector is isolated and connected directly to a DMX THRU connector. This allows a simple linking of several devices. To terminate the DMX signal, the switch module has a manually switchable DMX terminator.

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★ You can operate this product with the LSS Power Supply Unit.