Stage Manager’s Desk DNP XXL

Digital slave consoles are components of a light control scheme in conjunction with a PLC. It provides a clearly understandable and easy to use touch screen to get quick access to the control of the PLC. If the digital slave console and the PLC are combined with a lighting atmosphere storage, such as a LSS MasterGate, the digital slave console can act as easy to use alternative for normal lighting consoles on a small scale.

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Stage Manager’s Desk DNP portable

Slave desks are consoles to control, switch and monitor direct circles, working, blue and path lightings. They are installed in lighting controls, stage managers desks and any other places, where light will be monitored and switched. In addition slave desks are able to control media server and other devices. Digital slave desk by LSS are project-based. That means the user interface will be adapted to each project and equipped with the favoured functions.

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Stage Manager’s Desk DNPmobile

LSS DNPmobile is a mobile stage manager’s desk. The user interface is designed for the Microsoft Surface 6 Pro tablet PC with a 12.3-inch PixelSense™ display. It can either be integrated into the network via WLAN or via a wired USB C-to-Ethernet adapter.

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