PowerSwitch T

The LSS PowerSwitch T is a NonDim plug-in module for upgrading older dimmer racks. With the switching module, dimming channels can be easily converted into non-dim circuits and integrated into existing lighting systems. In this way, switchable devices are easily integrated into the lighting system. The PowerSwitch T supports all features of the control unit of the dimmer rack. The LSS PowerSwitch T is available in three performing levels: 2.5 kW, 5 kW or 10 kW. Each switching module has a bistable, polarized relay. These relays do not require any holding current and can also safely switch large load currents. The switching position of the relay can either be controlled via the control unit of the dimmer rack or switched manually.


PowerSwitch A

The LSS PowerSwitch A is a switch pack for older types of dimmer cabinets. The switch pack has the same slide-in design as the previous dimmer packs and, depending on the power level, can switch one or two channels with 2.5 kW, 3 kW and 5 kW. LSS PowerSwitch A are equipped with bistable, polarized relays for switching. Switching position and power supply are displayed via LEDs. The control electronic is state of the art. LSS PowerSwitch A can be put into operation immediately after installation without registering on the dimmer CPU.


PowerDim RM

The LSS PowerDim RM is a compact 19‘‘/3U phase control dimmer for installation in rack systems and flight cases. The dimmer has 12 power circuits á 3 kVA with RCBO individual circuit protection and shutdown even if there is no neutral conductor. The dimmer fulfills DIN EN 61009-1 (VDE 0664-20) for the protection of people against indirect contact. Each circuit has a Dim / NonDim switch, a bypass switch at 100% load, an adjustable 8-bit / 16-bit control, and 13 dimmer curves. For the connection of lights with low loads (e.g. fluorescent tubes, LEDs, etc.), the device is equipped with a switchable electronic base load. The use of high-quality chokes significantly prevents lamp clinking and electrical interference. Each circuit is current monitored and can be prioritized in the control.


PowerDim WM

The LSS PowerDim WM is a compact dimmer for wall mounting with either 24x3kVA or 12x5kVA circuits. For each circuit an operating modus Dim or a NonDim can be defined and each circuit can be switched via bistable relays. Both operating modes are designed for resistive, inductive and the NonDim additionally for capacitive loads. Each circuit is individually protected with an MCB. Optionally the circuit breakers can be extended by RCD (4x 6 circuits) or replaced by single RCBO.



Powerful and reliable: The PowerDim of LSS is a decentralized solution for professional theatres and TV studios. The LSS PowerDim is not only a dimmer, but also a Dim-/NonDim switchable voltage supplier and a DMX-/Ethernet node with merging capabilities in the lighting network. This and his fan-free design predestine the LSS PowerDim for on-stage dimmer: Directly and close to the headlights. And gladly nonstop. The LSS PowerDim is equipped with power relays, which have a capacity of up to 50A. So it has sufficient power reserves to supply any type of terminal. The power relays are bistable. This ensures low internal power consumption, because the LSS PowerDim requires power briefly only when the relays switching.

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NonDim Duct

The LSS NonDim Duct is a remotely switchable power distributor in a duct design. It is developed for the decentralized power supply of lighting systems with 230 V / 16 A. Up to twelve load circuits can be supplied and switched simultaneously. It is supplied with 400 V / 32 A. Other specifications are possible on request. An LSS PowerSwitch 2 12x20A, a high-performance switching actuator with bistable, polarized relays, is used for the switching processes. Each load circuit is individually fused to 16 A and is monitored for current. The current monitoring values can be displayed on lighting consoles or a stage manager’s desks.

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PowerDim2 – 3k / 5K

The LSS PowerDim2 is a thyristor dimmer in a compact shuttle design. Especially in decentralised light system it develops the maximum potential. Full passive cooling on the generously sized ribs and the RDM capabilities make the PowerDim2 to an on-stage dimmer par excellence in the professional theatre and studio operations.


PowerSwitch 2 12 x 20A

The LSS PowerSwitch 2 12x20A is a RDM-capable 12-channel switching actuator for electrical devices with a supply of 230V AC and 4600W maximum power per channel. The control can be done either via DMX or Profibus-DP and provides an optional current monitoring for each channel. The configuration is also made via Profibus-DP and DMX/RDM. The basic settings of the LSS PowerSwitch 2 12x20A can also be made local by using two push buttons and the 7-segment-display.

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PowerSwitch 2 6x20A 16DI/16DO

LSS PowerSwitch 2 6x20A 16DI/16DO is a 6 relay channel actuator with digital interfaces for electrical devices and sensors. Up to 16 devices (24V DC/500mA) can trigger and another 16 sensor signals (24V) can process by all 32 interface channels.

The actuator LSS PowerSwitch 2 6x20A 16DI/16DO has 6 relay channels. Each channel has maximum performance of 4600W/230V AC and can be triggered via DMX or Profibus-DP. An optional current monitoring for each load channel is possible. Sensors at every circuit breaker monitor the current und send feedback signals to the actuator. All these signals can be shown on a control touch panel, e.g. LSS Digital Slave Console, at light control. Circuit breakers by ABB will be approved for current monitoring.

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PowerSwitch RM 12x16A

The LSS PowerSwitch RM 12x16A is a 19”/3U switch pack with 12 channels. For each channel loads of up to 3700 W resistive, 2000 VA inductive, or 2500 W (200 μF) capacitive load can be connected. A bistable power relay for loads up to 20 A is assigned to each output channel of the LSS PowerSwitch RM 12x16A. The use of these oversized power relays ensures a correct switching of even large loads.

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DMX Schalt-Schuko 2

DMX switchable Schuko plug with RDM

The LSS DMX Schalt-Schuko 2 is a built-in Schuko plug that can be switched on and off via DMX. A bistable relay is used for this, which only requires power for switching. A holding current is not necessary. The relay has a switching capacity of a maximum of 11.5 kVA (230 V / 50 A). It is oversized so that it can also switch capacitive or halogen loads with high inrush currents without any problems.


DMX Schalt-Schuko 2 wireless

Wireless DMX switchable Schuko plug with optional RDM support

The LSS DMX Schalt-Schuko 2 wireless is a built-in Schuko plug that can be switched on and off via W-DMX. It is equipped with a bistable relay, which only requires power for switching. A holding current is not necessary. The relay has a switching capacity of a maximum of 11.5 kVA (230 V / 50 A). It is oversized so that it can also switch capacitive or halogen loads with high inrush currents without any problems.

The LSS DMX Schalt-Schuko 2 wireless is equipped with a LumenRadio CRMX Nova system. It supports all transmitters from this product family. The device is optionally available as a pure DMX or DMX/RDM device. The DMX device can only be parameterized in the device menu. In the DMX/RDM variant, parameterization and feedback via RDM are also possible. A DMX universe with 512 channels is transmitted in both device variants. All devices have temperature measurement and monitoring. Operating status and error messages are also displayed via LEDs on the device. These LEDs can be switched off for use in the stage area.


DMX/RDM 16-channel relay PCB

The LSS DMX / RDM 16-Channel Relay PCB is a switch assembly with mono-stable relays. Up to 16 independent loads can be switched at the same time. The relay board is controlled via DMX and supports RDM (according to ANSI E1.20 2010 + E1.37). The three-pole DMX-In connector is isolated and connected directly to a DMX THRU connector. This allows a simple linking of several devices. To terminate the DMX signal, the switch module has a manually switchable DMX terminator.

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★ You can operate this product with the LSS Power Supply Unit.


fourfold analog output 0-10V for DMX512

After setting the DMX-start adress the module recieves 4 consecutive DMX-channels and converts the values into four single 10V-analog output signals. Holding the last values, in case of an DMX failure, can be set with jumpers.

• DMX512 input opto-insulated
• DMX-protocol detection by signal analysis
• Setting the switching behavior on loss of DMX signal (“hold” or “off”)
• DMX control and fine tune for each output separately
• Linear regulators, no separate EMC protection necessary
• Ready for 35mm DIN rail TS

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4-channel KBL dimmer

Analog 4 channel dimmer for 24V LED lights
with DMX / RDM control, power and heat monitoring

The LSS 4-channel KBL dimmer is a 4-channel analog dimmer for the control and supply of LED lights with 24V DC supply voltage. The analog dimmer provides a nominal output current of up to 0.75A. For example, up to 37 standard KBL luminaires can be supplied and controlled with 0.02A. The special feature is that the lights can be distributed as desired to one, two, three or all four channels.

The analog dim method of the LSS 4-channel KBL dimmer allows the use of unshielded and long cables (note voltage drop depending on the cable cross-section used!). It does not cause any interference from media (video, sound, etc.) or EMC incompatibilities. The simultaneous installation of lighting cables with other media cables is possible.

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★ You can operate this product with the LSS Power Supply Unit.

PowerBox 125A

The LSS PowerBox 125A is a mobile power distribution, which was developed specifically for the needs of theaters and event technology. The power distributor is supplied as a 19 “rack system module with 6U of powdered aluminum sheet and can be rack-mounted for stationary use or fitted in a flight case as a mobile device.

The LSS PowerBox 125A distributes 400V / 125A to four CEE connectors, each with a maximum output of 400W / 32A. Each outgoing phase is protected by a dedicated circuit breaker and each output is protected by a residual current circuit breaker. For service purposes, there are three 230V / 16A Schuko connectors, which are protected by a residual-current circuit breaker with overcurrent protection. The connectors can be adapted individually depending on the application.

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Special Light Controller

The LSS Special Light Controller is a control panel for special lighting systems in situations of emergency or restoring order. The special design of the LSS Special Light Controller with raised push-button, red ring lighting and the clearly legible and uniform illuminated inscription ensures that the special lighting system can be switched on quickly. The protective cover, which can be locked without tools and fitted with a viewing window, prevents unintentional actuation of the special lighting switch.

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