LSS ConfigStudio
Multilingual – German/English
Version: 1.0.1 from May 16, 2023
A newly developed software with a fresh design and improved operating philosophy for effective configuration of network-capable LSS devices.
System Requirements: Windows 10 (21H2) or higher.
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ConfigStudio Support:
Mr. Tobias Neumann
Phone: +49 351 795 656 92
Email: t o b i a s . n e u m a n n [at] l s s – l i g h t i n g . d e


LSS ConfigCore
Multilingual – German / English
(Version 1.7.1136)

Configurations tool for effective use of LSS network devices.
Other Art-Net based devices can be displayed.

Windows 32-Bit:
– Requirements: .NET-Framework 2.0/3.5
Download LSS ConfigCore 32-Bit

Windows 64-Bit:
– Requirements: .NET-Framework 4.0
Download LSS ConfigCore 64-Bit