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The LSS GmbH is a company specializes in industrial lighting, scenic lighting in theatres and lighting for television studios. Since our founding in 1994, we are a leader in this industry and we have already left our handwriting in many projects. Innovative and customized solutions are our trademark and make our lighting systems so special.

It is our goal to get perfect light always and everywhere. To achieve this, LSS combines four departments:

Development Department

In 1879, Thomas Edison developed the first competitive carbon filament lamp, the forerunner of the light bulb, as we know. For lighting concepts new possibilities aroused and a period of research and development began which continues until today. LSS follows Edison’s footsteps; at the Dresden office our development department is located.

To get the perfect light, we always strive to make everything a little bit better. For switching and control, supplying and distributing, and of course for illumination we developing our own product lines. The development team includes software engineers, CAD designers and electronics engineers with extensive experience in networking and light systems.

Production Department

Perfect light requires a proper energy supply and precisely working control devices. To ensure maximum safety of our facilities we are producing most components for lighting systems by ourselves. During development the components our development team responds to the customers desires and needs and implements the experiences of our staff from the on-site construction.

In the CAD / CAM environment of “SolidWorks/Edgecam” the components are designed and produced. Our production lines consist CNC-controlled machines for machining and surface treatments as well as the final assembly in which the components are equipped with our proprietary circuit boards and connectors by leading manufacturers. So we are able to provide a constantly high quality.

Planning Department

A perfect light system configuration right at the planning phase is essential to get the perfect light. There is no system like the other. Structural conditions and the demands placed upon it make every lighting system unique. Our project developers work hand in hand with our customers planning complete switchgear and control gear installations for the illumination of industrial and cultural buildings. Innovative and functional solutions keeping within the budget characterize our project management.
The CAE-software EPLAN Electric P8 is our standard for right project development and engineering. This popular software allows the easy integration of all project-involved persons into a lighting systems development.

Construction Department

Perfect light is not only a question of components and configuration. Perfect light is also a matter of dedicated and technically versed staff. Our well-experienced assembly section has the highest count in personal and is building and setting up the light equipment.

LSS – Talk To Us

The close cooperation and communication with our customers is the base of every successful project. Thatswhy in us you will find a contact for new ideas and solutions.