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Blue/White switchable orientation lamp

The LSS LED Umgangsleuchte is designed for lighting work paths on galleries and corridors. With its compact design and energy-saving, maintenance-free white and blue light LEDs it is particularly suitable for the theater and studio operation.

The LSS LED-Umgangsleuchte can be switched between white and blue light to visually signaling the rehearsal and performance mode. The switching can either be done directly on the device with a three-point-switch or via DMX. Additionally to the control via DMX the LED-Umgangsleuchte can be dimmed. Also the control via DMX supports RDM and makes the control safer and more convenient.

Power-DMX is the power supply of the LSS LED-Umgangsleuchte. Up to five lamps can be supplied via the DMX-Thru-ports per supply line simultaneously. The LED-Umgangsleuchten can be delivered ex-works with different optional LED supplements. Using these supplements has an effect of the lighting areas. Available supplements are diffusers and frost glass with or without honeycomb louvers and various optical lenses.

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KBL Artlight


The Artlight is our small battery-powered LED blue-/white light lamp.

• mobile use with magnetic mounting or mounting on a nail, etc. …
• no lamp replacement required
• security against theft by Kensington Notebook Lock (not included)
• robust sheet steel housing
• lamp life approximately 10 years
• battery-powered / no mains required
• necessary battery change is indicated by LEDs
• switchable from blue light to white light by toggle switch

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Orientation light KBL


LED blue orientation light for installation on wall or junction boxes

The LSS orientation light KBL is a compact LED light. Modern LEDs are energy efficient, low maintenance and with a lifetime of over 100,000 hours. So an LED will be in use for more than 10 years, even in continuous operation.

The KBL is available in two versions. In version 24N the KBL comes with a 24V DC power supply and is using pulse-width modulation for dimming directly on the device. To realize a control by using DMX signals, the KBL 24N can be equipped with the optional LSS 4-channel-KBLdimmer (No. 5058). In the second version 230N the KBL comes with an 110V to 250V AC power supply and it’s not dimmable. Both versions are housed in a powder coated sheet steel case. Each version can be used as a surface/wall mounting or cavity wall / flush box mounting.

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LED Channel


LED working / blue light in channel construction

The LSS LED Channel is a working/blue light in a compact, self-supporting channel design. It can be also used as an equipment rack for switches or sockets due to the U-profile design. The normal applications are fly galleries, lighting towers, etc., and all other places where energy – efficient and space-saving way of illumination is desired.

The LSS LED Channel is equipped as standard with LEDs in cold white and royal blue. The light distribution can be adjusted of approx. 140 ° to a punctual lighting. Those are either structured or frosted acryl glass and lenses with different beam angles to choose from. Other insertions are possible on demand.

The LSS LED Channel is equipped with LEDs with a lifetime of more than 100.000 hours of operation. This corresponds to a continuous operation of more than 10 years. The LSS LED Channel consists of an extruded aluminium, the surface is powder-coated matte black (RAL 9005). Other RAL colours or anodised aluminium are available on request.

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The LSS LED-Racklight is developed especially for operating in theatres to illuminate racksystems. The LED-Racklight is available in three designs. Each design is equipped with white and blue light LEDs and can be controlled either by an on-device three-point-switch or by light console via DMX. The DMX control has the following advantages:

1. Optical signaling of rehearsals (white) and presentation mode (blue). Indicates in the presentation mode, all changes of the settings of the in-built rack devices have a direct influence on the current light scene.
2. Dimmable light intensity of the racklight for rack-systems near stage
3. Convenient and reliable control by RDM

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4 channel KBL Dimmer


Power supply with DMX control for LSS LED blue lights KBL version 24N

• power supply for a maximum of 37 blue lights KBL version 24N
• DMX512 input opto-insulated
• DMX-protocol detection by signal analysis
• setting the switching behavior on loss of DMX signal (“hold” or “off”)
• DMX control and fine tune for each output separately
• linear regulators, no separate EMC protection necessary
• ready for 35mm DIN rail TS

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