PowerDim RM

The LSS PowerDim RM is a compact 19‘‘/3U phase control dimmer for installation in rack systems and flight cases. The dimmer has 12 power circuits á 3 kVA with RCBO individual circuit protection and shutdown even if there is no neutral conductor. The dimmer fulfills DIN EN 61009-1 (VDE 0664-20) for the protection of people against indirect contact. Each circuit has a Dim / NonDim switch, a bypass switch at 100% load, an adjustable 8-bit / 16-bit control, and 13 dimmer curves. For the connection of lights with low loads (e.g. fluorescent tubes, LEDs, etc.), the device is equipped with a switchable electronic base load. The use of high-quality chokes significantly prevents lamp clinking and electrical interference. Each circuit is current monitored and can be prioritized in the control.