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LSS Junction boxes


LSS junction boxes are made individually customized and project-specific and are designed for wall, ceiling and truss mounting. To ensure robustness, the junction boxes are made of 1.25 mm sheet steel and are powder coated in a colour according to the customer. The powder coating has excellent properties of the surface terms: Chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion protection and optical demands. The lids of the junction boxes are provided with a resilient seal. So the LSS junction boxes confirmed the requirements of IP 44 up to IP 54 (depends on the built-in devices and connectors).

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Trap Door


LSS Trap Doors are developed to connect devices to power and data lines in junction boxes below scenic areas. The Trap Door is made of 8mm steel plate and has a 35mm wide, peripheral edge, which is flush with the stage floor. Cables are connected via cable outlets with lockable and flush closing covers. The surface of the door is black powdered and has a coarse structure. Optionally, the surface can be covered with a slip-resistant foil. The Trap Door has a locking against opening by punctual load and can be loaded with a wheel load of up to 5kN.

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Multifunctional Duct 110/180


The Multifunction duct 110/180 by LSS is a device carrier and cable duct for theatres and TV studios. Due to its two different sizes and the extensive accessory program (see product catalogue Duct Profiles), it can be used in a variety of ways.

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Multifunctional Duct 250 x 140


The LSS Multifunctional Duct 250 x 140 creates completely new ways in the construction of ducts with its exceptional design. Inside the duct two DIN rails offers plenty of space to install circuit breakers, boards and terminals and so on. The cover opens downwards and can be removed in a specific angle. On the cover there are two levels to mount devices, connectors or flaps. They can be placed according to your needs.

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Dimmer Duct 250 x 140


The modular design of the LSS Dimmer Duct 250 x 140 allows a dimming system within a duct system. The inside of the duct is prepared for circuit boards, which can be fixed by slots and/or screw fastenings. The duct is used as a heat sink for the dimmer modules, which surface is magnified by the large cooling fins at the bottom. The cover opens downwards and can be removed in a specific angle. On the cover are two sections, one for devices and another for connectors. They can be placed according to the needs.

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